Squamish is called the

    Outdoor Capital of Canada

    for a very good reason.


There are more outdoor activities concentrated in one spot here than probably anywhere else in Canada, or in the world for that matter.

Mountain biking, Wind surfing, 

Whitewater kayaking, Sea kayaking,

River rafting, Canoeing, Jogging, 

Flatlining, Running,Hiking, Base

jumping, Kite boarding,Rock 

Climbing, Bouldering, Canyoning,

Ice climbing, Horseback riding, 

Camping, Bird watching, Scuba 

diving, Sailing, Swimming, Walking, 

Picnicking, Motorcycling, Cross-

country skiing,

Downhill skiing, Fishing, 

Eagle watching, 

Snowmobiling,Tennis, Soccer, 

Baseball, Snowboarding,

Speed Flying!

Volleyball, Drawing, Painting, 

Photography, Hang gliding, 

Flying lessons, Lawn bowling, 

Archery, Crabbing, Cliff jumping,

Fly fishing,

Paint ball, Skateboarding, 

Stand up paddling, Trail running, 

River tubing, etc.

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