The Squamish Zendo is open

We've started sitting meditation at Oasis on a regular daily basis. Sitting meditation, zazen, is available on Monday to Friday evenings at 8 pm to 9pm. Come earlier if you need instruction with regard to posture and zendo etiquette. We are students of Kyozan Roshi Joshu Sasaki of Rinzaiji and Mount Baldy, CA.


Ivan and Yulin

The most important thing I learned from Drucker is that the only difference between a profitable and a not-for-profit organisation is that a not-for-profit organisation puts its goal first and survival second.

 Rock climbers come every year from all parts of the world to climb the Chief. The proper name is Stawamus Chief. Many camp in the park below this magnificent rock, but several women expressed interest in staying with us while climbing.

 Squamish is the best rock climbing place in Canada.

If you stay at our humble hostel, you can walk to ALL your climbs. 

Yes, Squamish is a pretty place; one of the best in the world. 

 Aug 26, 

What a great summer! So many international travelers from all over the world.

Even the trailer has been rented occasionally.

There was a huge weekend long concert at Brennan Park this weekend. Cleveland Avenue had been converted to a pedestrian mall.

October 31, Halloween

It's raining, but we are cosy. There is fire in the fireplace, oil heat in the house and electric heaters in both rooms.

Two guests have just left, one remains.

Trick or treat! to all who come here. 


It's been a wonderful year: more guests are coming, most of them rock climbers. Some are regulars who come monthly.

People come for training in first aid courses or even the library, some are looking for jobs. Some even find jobs.

So far the classes we were planning did not materialize, except for Andy, a student from Taiwan, who spent five weeks with us learning English, French, sailing, cooking cleaning and repairs, although Yulin did a great job feeding us all.  

 Some people enjoy sailing, some relaxing


This is the Stawamus Chief, the major attraction in Squamish. You can see the profile of the smiling chief, with his pointy head, headband of trees, a flat nose and a huge chin as he sleeps away the ages.

Guests are coming back from last year,  some to climb the Chief. Many are boulderers, who climb using hand and foot holds. Lucky guests get invited to do a bit of sailing as well.

We've had a large gathering of friends and guests on Ivans' Day, June 24th. We'll try to make it every year.

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