Zendo in Squamish at Oasis

We have started free sitting meditation here at Oasis.

Open to the public Monday to Friday night at 8 p.m. to 9pm. Come early if you need instructions in posture and etiquette. We are students of Kyozan Roshi Joshu Sasaki of Rinzai Ji and Mount Baldy, 

Squint with both eyes at a forty five degree angle at the floor where you sit. Eyes lowered, nostrils flared, concentrate on the sounds you hear and the breaths you take.

Your arms in a circle, hanging from your shoulders, shoulders dropped, ears over shoulders, nose over bellybutton, chin tucked in, lift your sternum.

Breathe in, hold it, breathe out, hold it. Try to breathe into the abdomen, the belly, lowering the diaphram.

Find a way to slow down your breathing and learn to relish it. It is the most important thing you have, your next breath.

Hands in moon mudra, left hand over right, fingers resting on fingers, thumbs touching at the top, hold your mudra against the belly button as if you were holding the heart of your lover: gently, but firmly.

 Kyozan Roshi Joshu Sasaki of Rinzai-Ji and Mount Baldy CA, our teacher

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